Photo: Matt Blachny

You like playing music with others?

If you are able to get at least some sounds out of your instrument, this might be the project for you. We will play traditional jazz/swing tunes, the only requirement is having fun playing music together with other people.

Great! When and where?

We meet every other Saturday (always in the even calendar weeks), save the dates:

DateTimeLead (Read this!)Location
19.10.20194pmHarriPinellodrom, Dominicusstraße 5-9, 10823 Berlin
26.10.20199pmLIVE SHOW at Unpluggedival Pankow, Wunder Musik Schule, Görschstraße 50, 13187 Berlin
02.11.20194pmTobi G.Pinellodrom, Dominicusstraße 5-9, 10823 Berlin
16.11.20194pmemail if you want to lead this session!Nachbarschaftshaus Kiezanker, Cuvrystraße 13-14, 10997 Berlin
30.11.20194pmemail if you want to lead this session!

Focus on beginners and refreshers

The sessions are mainly focused on people who like swing music (especially but not necessarily swing dancers) and who are not yet so confident with playing their instrument to participate in "real" jam sessions.

We will move ahead very slowly and with much patience. We have comprehensive chord lead sheets and mostly also complete sheet music of the songs we are playing.

Download the sheets and prepare

It is possible to download the sheets beforehand right here. In fact it is highly recommended to print out the sheets for your instrument and bring them with you to the sessions since it's not always possible to have all the paperwork available. It's not strictly necessary to be able to read music, though. We will play easy songs in an easy way.

All instruments are very welcome, particularly:

  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Banjo
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Bass (electric / acoustic / double bass)
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Accordion
  • Blues Harp
  • Kazoo
  • Flute (transverse / recorder)
  • All kinds of percussionists
  • Singers - please note that until end of 2019 we don't accept any new singers.

Bring your instruments and let's have a good time!