Here you find all the songs we play. We also have a musical backlog of songs we are planning to play.

PLEASE! Remember to print out the required sheets for your instrument and bring them with you to the session!


Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Coquette.pdf

Examples of the song:

Root Hog Or Die

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Root_Hog_Or_Die.pdf

Examples of the song:

Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

Thanks to Jakob!

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Make_Me_A_Pallet_On_Your_Floor.pdf

Examples of the song:


Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Tomorrow.pdf

Examples of the song:

Tennessee Waltz

Thanks to Jörg!

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Tennessee_Waltz.pdf

Examples of the song:

I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby

Thanks to Jakob for the song and thanks to Melanie for typing it into Musescore!

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Im_Crazy_bout_my_Baby.pdf

Examples of the song:

Mama Don't Allow

Thanks to Jörg!

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Mama_Dont_Allow.pdf

Examples of the song:

Comes Love - the very first arrangement just for us

Thanks to Steffen Kistner!

Here is the version with two pages for the melody instruments ("old", first version) Here is the version with four pages for the melody instruments ("new", second version)

Full scores:

Get the big picture: comes_love_structure.pdf

Or look at the new arrangement in our familiar setlist style (click on image to enlarge):

Jakob's improvisation workshop May 4, 2019

Jakob's improvisation workshop April 27, 2019

Biscuit Roller

Thanks to Samuel Hudson and Steffen Kistner of the Careless Cats for this beautiful arrangement and the friendly permission to use it!

Jakob's improvisation workshop February 16, 2019: St. Louis Blues Full Version and coda

Jakob's improvisation workshop February 2, 2019: Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Leadsheet (all voices)


San (Give Me My Dime Back)

Thanks to Samuel Hudson and Steffen Kistner of the Careless Cats for this beautiful arrangement and the friendly permission to use it!

Example: Tuba Skinny

Jakob's improvisation workshop January 12, 2019

St. Louis Blues Part 1

Some practising tipps

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

Examples of the song:

Parla più piano

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Parla_Piu_Piano.pdf

Examples of the song:

Clips and photos of our show at Marie-Antoinette

Here you will find some short clips and photos from our show at Marie-Antoinette on October 29, 2018.
Many thanks to Igor!

Five Foot Two

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Five_Foot_Two.pdf

Examples of the song:

Mean To Me

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Mean_To_Me.pdf

Examples of the song:

Deep Purple

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Deep_Purple.pdf

Examples of the song:

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_On_The_Sunny_Side_Of_The_Street.pdf

Example of the song: The Man Overboard Quintet

Basin Street Blues


Bill Bailey

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Bill_Bailey.pdf

Example of the song:

Improvisation Session(s)

We try to offer something special every now and then.
This time we have some nicely prepared improvisation training material and also a session to try this out at Septemper 30, thanks to Volker.

Attn Rhythm Section!

Here we have some rhythmic variations, thank you Volker!

Every now and then we will play one part with one of these variations (see PDF) by calling out loudly:

  • Off Beat
  • One, Two, Three
  • One and Four (rather advanced but let's try)

The other variations in the PDF we won't cover yet.

All Of Me

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_All_Of_Me.pdf

Example of the song:

Backwater Blues

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Backwater_Blues.pdf

Thanks to Frida: A blues ending: Backwater_Blues_-_Ende.pdf

Example of the song:


Look at the Clave page to see how we are playing the A part.

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Caravan.pdf

Example of the song:

New Orleans Bump

You can download a ZIP file with all the sheets together or the sheets for your instrument individually here:

Examples of the song:

Sheets for the swing choir summer party on July 17

The Blues My Naughty Sweety Gives To Me

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Blues_My_Naughty.pdf

Example of the song:

Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Satan_Your_Kingdom_Must_Come_Down.pdf

Examples of the song:

My Life Will Be Sweeter

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_My_Live_Will_Be_Sweeter.pdf

Examples of the song:

Midnight In Moscow

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Midnight_In_Moscow.pdf

Example of the song:

Careless Love

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Careless_Love.pdf

Examples of the song:

Here is how the chords can be played on ukulele: Careless_Love_Ukulele_Chords.pdf, thanks to Volker for sharing!

This link might also help ukulele players:

Blue Drag

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Blue_Drag.pdf

Arrangement: Blue_Drag_arr.pdf

Thanks to Momo we now have a suggestion for the string section (Violin and Violoncello): Blue_Drag_String_Section.pdf
If you are a strings player, print it out and try it!

Examples of the song:

I'm Alone Because I Love You

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Im_Alone_Because_I_Love_You.pdf

Example of the song:

Sweet Georgia Brown

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_Sweet_Georgia_Brown.pdf

Example of the song:

St. James Infirmary

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_St_James_Infirmary.pdf

Example of the song:

Louis Armstrong - St. James Infirmary

When The Saints Go Marching In

Sheets, chords and lyrics: Open_Swing_Orchestra_When_The_Saints_Go_Marching_In.pdf